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Homes in movies The Glassy House from The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo

By Shawn / October 23, 2012

Home to a member of the mysterious Vanger family in David Fincher’s American adaptation of Stieg Larsson’s The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, this slick modern house is no figment of a set designer’s imagination, but rather a very real, and very cool, private residence on the outskirts of Stockholm, Sweden. Fincher and the Dragon […]


Vacation Cast Reunites in Entertainment Weekly Magazine

By Shawn / October 8, 2012

‘Vacation’ Cast Reunites, Thanks to Entertainment Weekly If you’re a child of the 1970 and 80s, you undoubtedly have seen National Lampoon’s “Vacation,” the 1983 hit comedy about the Griswold family’s epic cross-country quest to get to Walley World theme park for vacation. The flick, starring Chevy Chase, Beverly D’Angelo, Dana Barron, and Anthony Michael […]


Fandango who?

By Shawn / September 19, 2012

So we know at Discount Movie Passes our users love to save money on movie tickets. However you may have a hot date and want to go to a new movie premiere and need your tickets the same day. This is where Fandango comes to the rescue. Who is Fandango you ask? Fandango, the nation’s […]


Redbox free movie or game rental

By Shawn / August 28, 2012

Not sure if you have noticed but all the Blockbusters have gone away and they have been replaced by Redbox. Is that a good thing? YES, Blockbuster has gone the way of the DoDo bird. We love Redbox at Discount Movie Passes because of the cheap pricing. DVD’s rent at Redbox rent for $1.30 per night […]