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Monsters Inc 3D Out Again December 19 2012

By Shawn / November 21, 2012

Well Hollywood continues to release movies in 3D that were never intended to be in 3D. They have no new fresh ideas and wonder why viewers continue to stay home for there cinema. If there was a movie that would be fun to see on the Big Screen it’s Monsters Inc. But save your money […]


The Grey Starring Liam Neeson Movie Review

By Shawn / March 14, 2012

The Grey Liam Neeson
Director Joe Carnahan teams up with Liam Neeson to create a fast-paced, suspenseful film with, of all things,….wolves. Carnahan, director of past hits like Narc (2002), Smokin’ Aces (2006) and his most recent A-Team (2010) adaptation, knows how to pump testosterone and action into almost every scene. His use of wind and weather as an added element to the wolves brings a realism to the situation at hand for Ottway (Neeson) and his surviving group of men. In fact, the conditions shown on-screen are not CGI, but actual weather in British Columbia, Canada where shooting took place for the film. This is a familiar and comfortable territory for Neeson, having starred in his acclaimed role in Taken. The haunting flashback images of his wife may have appealed to Neeson himself, given the tragic incident with his own wife in real life, Natasha Richardson (she died unexpectedly in 2009 after a skiing injury/accident).